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Designed to get the job done, day in and day out on the toughest job sites, the self-measuring tape has raised the stakes and is quickly becoming the new industry standard. Imagine never looking for a pencil again. Imagine having a free hand to stabilize the blade when working on a vertical or overhead surface.

Redesigned Marking System

Reloading is now easier than ever with this self-measuring tape. When it’s time to reload, simply slide the tension button to the up position, turn the tape upside down and tap to clear the chamber, now drop a refill into the port and re-engage the tension button (demonstrated on the video above). You’re now 'locked and loaded' for another 2000+ marks!

TruView WEDGE Indicator

The (Patent Pending) TruView WEDGE indicator acts as a gun site, eliminating the parallax effect and letting you know exactly where the marking wheel will make its graphite line. This advancement has made the measuring tape one of the most accurate measuring tapes on the market. Optimum precision for impeccable results, every time.

Rugged Construction and 9 feet Standout

The first thing you will notice when getting the measuring tape in your hands is the quality and attention to detail. The rugged co-molded case is secured by industrial STAR-drive screws. You can extend the stand-out of the blade to 9 feet or to 12 feet with your free hand. The hardened steel marking wheel is manufactured to space-age tolerances for extreme accuracy and durability.

The Tape Measure is the FASTEST, most ACCURATE measuring device in the construction industry today. The patented graphite marking system comes preloaded and ready to mark. The internal steel wheel easily and accurately applies a graphite mark/line right where you want it. DON’T WASTE any more TIME LOOKING FOR OR SHARPENING A PENCIL!

 The New Tape Measure is the next evolution of the original QUICKDRAW DIY (w/black casing). Every feature has been upgraded to meet the demands of the professional contractor and to help the weekend warrior build like a PRO.

LOSE YOUR PENCIL this makes 2000+ marks (1/4”) per load. Reloading takes only 10 seconds. Refills are available on Amazon.

MAKE NO MISTAKE By acting exactly like a gun sight, the new (patent pending) wedge indicator gives you extreme accuracy. From the front, it’s a wedge shape, but look down from above and the wedge becomes a single red line that tells you precisely where you’re putting your mark. The Tru-VIEW WEDGE ensures dead nuts accuracy every time.

 Want to cut an 8” hole? No Problem. Simply lock your tape blade at 4”, hold the corner of the tape hook on your center point and draw your circle (see the QUICKDRAW PRO video for example). Making a radius is so simple now, what used to take minutes now only takes seconds with QUICKDRAW PRO.

LOCK IT UP TIGHT The new heavy-duty brake-lock is made of a composite rubber that grips the blade from top and bottom to securely lock the tape blade, resulting in the most accurate marks, lines, and radius’ in the industry.

CLIP N’ GO Our belt clip is made of heavy gauge spring steel with an industrial chrome finish. It’s almost indestructible. Now you can feel secure knowing that your tape measure is always by your side.

WEATHER THE STORM this dominates all industry durability tests. A hurricane would struggle to damage this tape. “What about the rain?” you ask - this is your best friend when working with damp, or even dripping wet lumber. You will get an extra dark line on wet lumber and almost all other wet materials.